Computational Intelligence-Based Optimization

For a long time now, I have had this obsession with “intelligence” optimization algorithms. And I spend a good chunk of my spare time, which unfortunately is not as much as I wish it were, on understanding these algorithms, coding them, and, more importantly, at least trying to come up with new ideas. There are some interesting papers on the way, And above it all, I am proud to say my new book is scheduled to be out really soon. 

Computational Intelligence-based Optimization Algorithms: From Theory to Practice

Computational intelligence-based optimization methods, also known as meta-heuristic optimization algorithms, are a popular topic in mathematical programming. These methods have bridged the gap between various approaches and created a new school of thought to solve real-world optimization problems. In this book, we have selected some of the most effective and renowned algorithms in the literature. These algorithms are not only practical, but they also provide thought-provoking theoretical ideas to help readers understand how they solve optimization problems. Each chapter includes a brief review of the algorithm’s background and the fields it has been used in. Additionally, Python code is provided for all algorithms at the end of each chapter, making this book a valuable resource for beginner and intermediate programmers looking to understand these algorithms.

Python Code Repository

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