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EnigmaAI 2023

EnigmaAI2023 Event at University of Exeter, UK – A Huge Success!I had an absolute blast co-hosting alongside my great friends and colleagues Raffaele Vinai, Milad Latifi, and Beigzali Ramiz at the amazing EnigmaAI2023 event. It wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible sponsors IDSAI University of…

Genetic Algortihm (GA)

This is a sample taken from my upcoming book about CI-based optimization. Should you be interested in this, I can start posting more, and if you have any questions on this, feel free to contact me.

A sad day, indeed, …

A sad day, indeed, … Today we have lost a true gem of a human being, a loss that would be felt not just in the scientific community but something much more profound. It is with great sorrow and a…

Exciting updates, … soon!

Exciting news coming soon! I just received an email from CRC press, and I have fantastic news to share with you soon. Sooner than I expected. ​ Back Twitter Linkedin Github Instagram Google Researchgate Orcid

Hello World!

I have been postponing launching at least a half-decent website for too long now! This is surly far from being the polished looked I have in mind, but I am trying.  Back Twitter Linkedin Github Instagram Google Researchgate Orcid